Ventana Academic School

Ventana Academic School in Cave Creek Arizona may be small, but they have big dreams.  New play ground equipment is on the "To Do" list.  Please continue to support them as they work hard to meet their goals.

Foothills Academy

Foothills Academy in North Scottsdale in one of the best ranked charter schools in Arizona. With small class sizes, amazing teachers, staff, and  students,  it's no surprise.  This year SmartBean has teamed up with Foothills to raise money for their general PTO fund. With the added money they hope to up date their technology  program and purchase state of the art equipment.

Sonoran Trails Middle School

Sonoran Trails Middle School is ready to start selling some coffee.  SmartBean kicked off their fundraiser with coffee and snacks at a recent PTO meeting.  With an awesome parent group, they are on their way to meet their goals for the year. The money will help to support the many extras that this amazing PTO does through out the school year.

93 Desert Elite

This U14 girls soccer team wants to have a great season.  Coached by Rick Tillmans, funds from coffee sales will help off set the cost of travel and tourmament expenses. 

96 Desert Elite

This girls soccer team has been together for 4 seasons.  Last year these 14 girls sold more SmartBean Coffee then most small schools.  This just proves that they are not afraid to work hard for something they want!! Please support this amazing team again this year by choosing them at check out.

Track and Adventures with Wally Dallenbach

SmartBean coffee and Track and Trail Adventures have teamed up together to help raise funds for a national organization called   Friends since the 80's when the two of them had just started their racing careers, both Darin and Wally have always shared the same values. On a recent trip to Argentina with their boys to shoot an episode for Wally's show, they decided to work together and help raise funds for this organization.  They both feel very strongly about these types of programs that teach and give kids everywhere an opportunity to try something new.  For more information on Wally's show please visit  Remember to choose this program at check out to help with this cause.

Bourgade Catholic Girls Volleyball
Bourgade Catholic High School in Phoenix Arizona is a team that is not afraid to work hard.  These 39 girls from Varsity, JV and the Freshman teams are on their way to another great season.  Please help them to off set the cost of travel and uniform expenses.


CCV Stars Girls Black 95

CCV Stars is an all girls soccer team in the Phoenix area.  These are some of  the best athletes in the valley.  To help pay for their travel expenses attending tournaments, they are selling coffee not only to friends and family, but also at some events at their home field. To them it's "More than a Game" Way to go STARS!!

Foster's Friends

Foster's Friends is a team of family and friends that raise money for the "Cure Autism Now Foundation" and "Autism Speaks".   Autism is the second most common developmental disorder in the United States, affecting 1 in every 150 children born today. Foster is 5 years old and lives in Georgia with his family. His parents are dedicated to his progress and give many hours to help finding a cure. Please help support their efforts by choosing "Foster's Friends" at check-out.