What percentage of my purchase goes to the cause I've chosen?

At least 30% of every purchase is passed on to the school, group or organization of your choice! Some other fundraising products may offer you more, but we believe SmartBean products are more desirable and easier to sell. So there's a good possibility you will sell more of our products, which will create a higher return than what you might expect with such traditionals as wrapping paper, coupon books and candy bars.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?

Absolutely. Just go to our Products section and click on "Gift Certificate."

When considering selling SmartBean products, does it matter what size our group is?

We think SmartBean products are ideal for smaller groups—groups such as cheer squads, sports teams, choirs, bands, clubs, sororities and fraternities, special-cause organizations, socially-conscious business groups, etc.

SmartBean can help you raise money for hundreds of good causes. Our products allow you to make the smartest use of your time and effort. Especially our distinctive re-order program—you can keep on benefiting without writing another order!

How much effort will this require on the part of fundraiser organizers, parents and children?

Less than what usual fundraising efforts demand. The entire order and processing program is set up to be streamlined and as glitch-free as possible. You can call us at (602) 332-8899 or click here to send us an email, anytime for support and to get your questions answered. Plus, high quality, highly desirable products don't require as much "sell." Just show prospective buyers the SmartBean brochure and their mouths will water.

What if I have questions or need your help?

Call or email us! We're available. We believe one of the most important parts of a program like this is customer service, so we're here to provide answers and help when you need it. Please call us at (602) 332-8899 or click here to send us an email.

Do you have pre-packs?

We don't, but we would be delighted to talk with you about your specific needs. We custom-design every program, and every gift!

What if I'm not happy with my order?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We believe in our products, our program and our service. Try SmartBean and we believe you will too.

Are your coffee beans purchased from buyers who support fair trade and conversation practices?

Absolutely. "Coffee with a cause" means doing good in as many areas as possible. That means starting right from the beginning—dealing only with a roaster who shares our concern for social responsibility by treating the environment and all human beings with care.